VIXEN | Antler Accessory for All Races

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December's eleventh release--

Named as somewhat of an homage to Santa's Reindeers, VIXEN is a mod that made me want to cry multiple times because DID YOU KNOW that those extensive metadata attributes that I loooove using ... are not functional on earrings? IN ANY CASE, here you have a highly modular, jeweled and flowered antler accessory. Every piece of this accessory can be turned on/off via metadata attributes.

Four texture variants. Two model variants.

For Cwiminal Cattos, Starchy Cattos, Blushing Cattos, Cancelled Cattos and+.

See a full preview album by clicking here.

Head: Frontier Ribbon

Variants -

Shape Variants:
Chain Over Hair
Chain Under Hair

Colour Options:
Snow Queen
Dark Sugar Plum

Metadata Toggles:

For your convenience, I have packed this set to include toggles within the installer. These toggles may/may not work properly with Penumbra. This set also includes manual toggles in the event that you run into any issues with Penumbra metadata settings. You can find the manual toggles listed below.

You can manually toggle certain pieces of this outfit on/off via metadata attributes:


- Turn A(1 in Penumbra) off to hide the roses, turn it back on to show.
- Turn B(2 in Penumbra) off to hide the antler jewelry, turn it back on to show.
- Turn C(3 in Penumbra) off to hide the antlers, turn it back on to show.
- Turn D(4 in Penumbra) off to hide the forehead chain, turn it back on to show.
- Turn
E(5 in Penumbra) off to hide the leaves, turn it back on to show.
- Turn
F(6 in Penumbra) off to hide the mistletoe sprigs, turn it back on to show.

Keep in mind that while these changes will not appear in Textools, they will be visible in-game. Turn each # back on to reenable. Default settings have everything set to >on<.

  • Info & Credits
    • The "Snow Queen" and "Dyeable" variants are dyeable in game. All other variants are generally diffuse based, with some elements assigned to CS. Sized to fit with most vanilla hairstyles, and includes two different face chain options in case you want to use it with bangs/it clips through your hair. For all female characters, including Lalafell.
    • Texture work is mostly custom.
    • Contains a licensed asset
    • Public: Feb 2023
    • Additional ToS: Ports ("upscales/downscales", refits, alterations, general edits, modifications, kitbash, etc.) of my mods to any other body mod, to any size, and to any race, are all allowed. SFW/NSFW are irrelevant. Have fun -- I don't want anyone to have worry about permissions or me biting their head off over them when using my work!

This mod does NOT require any sort of body compatibility patch.

Feel free to join the Elysium Discord for server exclusives, discount codes for the shop, guides, mod help, updates, & an ever-growing 10k+ person community of non-aggro mod users.


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VIXEN | Antler Accessory for All Female Races

File Type
Item Count/Replacement
1 - Frontier Ribbon
Body Type
Yes, 4 texture, 2 model
Metadata Options?
Yes, 6
Patreon Tier(s)
All Tiers
Mod Type
Accessory, Head Item
174 MB

VIXEN | Antler Accessory for All Races

0 ratings
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