SHOWSIES | Mary Janes for Gen 3 & Otopop

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January's fifth release--

A multivariant pair of kawaii Mary Jane platform shoes with cute buckles and multiple sock lengths. For talls and Lalafell.

Thank you to mii' love for the pretti screenshots! If you're into dark/edgy aesthetics, visit her shop by clicking this link! 

For Starchy Cattos, Blushing Cattos, Cancelled Cattos and+.

See a full preview album by clicking here.

Shoes: Varsity Shoes


Sock Variants:
Long Socks
Ankle Socks
No Socks

Shoe Material:
Smooth/Plastic (Default)

Shoe Metals:

Baby Pink
Baby Blue
Beige (+ Dyeable)

  • Info & Credits
    • Fully dyeable in game. Shoe sole is set to black by default, and can be dyed via CS. Metal bits are set to either silver or gold, respectively, and can be dyed via CS. Fit to Gen 3 legs and Otopop. 
    • Public: March 2023
    • ToS: Ports ("upscales/downscales", refits, alterations, general edits, modifications, kitbash, etc.) of my mods to any other body mod, to any size, and to any race, are all allowed. SFW/NSFW are irrelevant. Have fun -- I don't want anyone to have worry about permissions or me biting their head off over them when using my work!
    • Contains a licensed asset.

Bibo+ Users and Non Gen 3/Otopop users:

LONG SOCK variants may not work properly on non Gen 3 and non Otopop leg types, due to differing leg sizes. Ankle socks and no socks variants should work regardless of the body you use, due to the alignment of the sock on the ankle seam, which is universally sized.

You do NOT need to install Gen 3 OR Otopop to use this mod. You CAN still use this mod if B+/another body is your main body.

Provided you have the latest version of B+ installed(2.x+), you should just be able to install this mod with no additional steps. The latest version of B+ includes a Gen 3 compatibility patch in its installer set to _b, which is this mods default material path. If you experience issues, please make sure that your B+ is updated to any version 2.0 or above, try turning on auto-assign on TT, or check our #mod-help channel in the Elysium Discord.

For non Otopop Lalafell users, please install the Otopop Texture Compatibility Pack, attached. This installation will not overwrite your existing Lalafell textures, nor will it overwrite any existing Lalafell body mods. It will simply install Otopop textures in your _g material (unused by any other Lalafell body mod), so that you can use Otopop based mods without having to fully install Otopop, or disrupt your existing Lalafell based body installations.

Feel free to join the Elysium Discord for server exclusives, discount codes for the shop, guides, mod help, updates, & an ever-growing 10.5k+ person community of non-aggro mod users.


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SHOWSIES | Gen 3 & Otopop Shoes

File Type
Item Count/Replacement
1 - Varsity Shoes
Body Type
Eve Gen 3, + Lalafell Otopop
Yes, 3 Sock Lengths, 2 Shoe Materials, 6 Sock Colours, 2 Metal Types
Metadata Options?
Patreon Tier(s)
Starchy Catto, Blushing Catto, Cancelled Catto and +
Mod Type
Shoes, Lalafell, Talls
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SHOWSIES | Mary Janes for Gen 3 & Otopop

0 ratings
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